Ontario Reviewing Underserviced Area Program

UAP Provincial Consultations

The government is reviewing Ontario's Underserviced Area Program (UAP) by redesigning and strengthening physician recruitment and retention programs in the province. The goals are to:

  1. Meet the unique requirements of northern and rural communities that face chronic challenges recruiting and retaining physicians; and
  2. Help all Ontario communities experiencing physician shortages.
To achieve these goals, the government is proposing:
  1. A Northern/Rural RIO-based financial incentive program specifically designed to attract physicians to northern and rural communities. Physicians practicing in any community in a census subdivision with a score of 40 or more on the Rurality Index for Ontario scale would be eligible to receive incentive funding. The amount of funding would be determined by the RIO score: the higher the score, the higher the value of the incentive funding.
  2. A province-wide return of service (ROS) program. All Ontario communities - except the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Ottawa which are well supplied for physicians - would have access to the growing number of physicians graduating with ROS obligations.
Ontario's New Physician Recruitment and Retention Programs
Bringing the Underserviced Area Program Into the 21st Century
A Consultation Paper
Spring/Summer 2009

Underserviced Area Program Redesign and Consultation
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Source: Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

The Ontario Government has sought input from various stakeholders regarding the planned changes to the Underserviced Area Program (UAP). The Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research (Laurentian University) has reviewed the proposed UAP redesign and has submitted comments and suggestions on some aspects of the proposed changes.

HealthForceOntario UAP Consultation - CRaNHR Submission