Publication of Health in Rural Canada

January 2012

The first book about rural health in Canada has been published by the University of British Columbia Press. Health in Rural Canada, edited by Judith C. Kulig and Allison M. Williams, contains several chapters authored by CRaNHR investigators from both CRaNHR-Laurentian and CRaNHR-Lakehead:

DesMeules, M., R.W. Pong, J.R. Guernsey, F. Wang, W. Luo, and M.P. Dressler. "Rural health status and determinants in Canada." Chapter 2, pp 23-43.

Pong, R.W., M. DesMeules, J.R. Guernsey, D. Manuel, A. Kazanjian, and F. Wang. "Health services utilization in rural Canada: Are there distinct rural patterns?" Chapter 4, pp 60-79.

Pitblado, J.R. "Geographical distribution of rural health human resources." Chapter 5, pp 83-100.

Habjan, S., K. Kortes-Miller, M.L. Kelley, H. Sullivan, and L. Pisco. "Building capacity in rural health services: The effect of continuing education." Chapter 7, pp 118-136.

Nelson, C.H. and J. Park. "The rural-urban continuum as place: What can be learned from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) - Mental health and well-being?" Chapter 8, pp 137-156.

Kelley, M.L., W. Sletmoen, A. M. Williams, S. Nadin, and T. Puiras. "Integrating policy, research, and community development: A case study of developing rural palliative care." Chapter 12, pp 219-238.

Jacklin, K. and W. Warry. "Decolonizing First Nations health." Chapter 20, pp 373-389.

Leipert, B., T. Landry, C. McWilliam, M.L. Kelley, D. Forbes, P. Wakewich, and J. George. "Rural women's health promotion needs and resources: A photovoice perspective." Chapter 26, pp 481-502.

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Source: UBC Press, Vancouver, British Columbia