John C. Hogenbirk, M.Sc.
Senior Researcher
Telephone: 705-675-1151 ext. 3435
Toll Free: 1-800-461-4030
Fax: 705-671-3876

I joined the Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research as a Senior Researcher in 1998. I have published on a number of studies on telehealth, health services access, health service use and health human resources, focusing on northern or rural issues.

I am member of the Canadian Rural Health Research Society. I am also a member of COACH - Canada's Health Informatics Association, where I serve on the Advisory Council for the Canadian Telehealth Forum. Previously I served as the chair of the Research Committee and then on the Board of Directors with the Canadian Society for Telehealth.

I have served on a number of expert committees including: Telemedicine Networks of Ontario Clinical Working Group and Evaluation Working Group; Ontario Telemedicine Network's Telehomecare Evaluation Advisory Committee and British Columbia's Teletriage Expert Advisory Panel.

Selected Publications

Hogenbirk, J.C., M.R. McGrail, R. Strasser, S.A. Lacarte, A. Kevat, and M. Lewenberg (2015). "Urban washout: How strong is the rural-background effect?" Australian Journal of Rural Health DOI: 10.1111/ajr.12183.

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Strasser, R., J.C. Hogenbirk, B. Minore, D.C. Marsh, S. Berry, W.G. McCready, and L. Graves (2013). "Transforming health professional education through social accountability: Canada's Northern Ontario School of Medicine." Medical Teacher 35(6): 490-496.

Timony, P.E., A.P. Gauthier, J.C. Hogenbirk, and E.F. Wenghofer (2013). "Promising quantities, disappointing distribution. Investigating the presence of French-speaking physicians in Ontario's rural Francophone communities." Rural and Remote Health 13 (Online): 2543.

Hogenbirk, J.C., O. Mian, and R.W. Pong (2011). "Postgraduate specialty training in northeastern Ontario and subsequent practice location." Rural and Remote Health 11 (Online): 1603.

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Hogenbirk, J.C., P.D. Brockway, J. Finley, P. Jennett, M. Yeo, D. Parker-Taillon, R.W. Pong, C.C. Szpilfogel, D. Reid, S. MacDonald-Rencz, and T. Cradduck (2006). "Framework for Canadian Telehealth Guidelines: Summary of the environmental scan." Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 12(2): 64-70.

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Pong, R.W. and J.C. Hogenbirk (2000). "Reimbursing physicians for telehealth practice: Issues and policy options." Health Law Review 9(1): 3-12.

Pong, R.W. and J.C. Hogenbirk (1999). "Licensing physicians for telehealth practice: Issues and policy options." Health Law Review 8(1): 3-14.

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