Jill E. Sherman, M.P.H.
Research Associate
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I joined CRaNHR in January 2008. I have a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in international health and population studies, and after working for several years in the international arena, I returned to the USA and began doctoral work in Geography at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There I worked as a research assistant on the AHRQ-sponsored Mountain Healthcare Accessibility Project, and later as a researcher for the National Center for Frontier Communities. I also occasionally provide GIS services to international health NGOs.

I have experience with a broad array of quantitative and qualitative methods, and my applied research interests can be broadly defined as geographies of health and health services (health services accessibility; spatial behaviour and activity space; health and human/environment interactions; urban/rural interactions), and the sociocultural dimensions of health and wellbeing. Theoretical interests include moral geography, political ecology and nature/society relations, and therapeutic landscapes. I recently completed a certificate in animal-assisted interventions in human health.

At CRaNHR, I serve as the project lead on the OPOP project, examining mental health service delivery models in northern Ontario, and contribute to other projects, including a study on trauma systems.

Journal Publications

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