Oxana M. Mian, M.A.
Research Associate
Telephone: 705-675-1151 ext. 4361
Toll Free: 1-800-461-4030
Fax: 705-671-3876

I joined CRaNHR in November 2007 after completing an interdisciplinary Masterís degree in Human Development at Laurentian University. I have an undergraduate degree in mathematical economics (major) and economic sociology (minor). I am trained and experienced in both qualitative and quantitative research methodology. My research interests include health equity, the role of health system as a social determinant of health, access to care for vulnerable populations, and health information.

In 2012, I started the Interdisciplinary PhD program in Rural and Northern Health at Laurentian University. My doctoral thesis is aimed to explore (in)equity in access to specialized diabetes care for children with diabetes in Ontario.

At CRaNHR, I serve as the research lead for the Nurse Practitioner Workforce Study and Evaluation of preparedness for practice of COUPN graduates. I also contributed to the analysis of Ontario Primary Care Access Survey (PCAS), CIHR research of trauma systems in Canada, socio-economic impact of the Northern Ontario Medical School, and tracking studies of postgraduate medical graduates.

Recent reports and publications:

Koren, I., O. Mian, R. Heale, S. Lacarte, E. Rukholm, J. Fournier, and K. Lamarche (2014). How Well Does Ontario's Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Education Prepare Nurses for Advanced Professional Practice Roles and Responsibilities? Sudbury, Ontario: Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research, Laurentian University. (Report submitted to the Council of Ontario University Programs in Nursing.)

Mian, O., M. Delmege, and J. Sherman (2013). ER/ED Physician Survey: Triage and Preliminary Care of the Major Trauma Patient. Research report on Specific Aim IIIB "Knowledge, training, and beliefs of physician providers in triaging and providing preliminary care to the major trauma patient". (CIHR Team in "Trauma System Development in Canada: Overcoming the Challenges of Geography through an Evaluation of Structure and Process" project.)

Mian, O., I. Koren, and E. Rukholm (2012). "Nurse practitioners in Ontario primary healthcare: Referral patterns and collaboration with other healthcare professionals." Journal of Interprofessional Care 26(3): 232-239.

Mian, O., S. Lacarte, and I. Koren (2012). The Nurse Practitioner Workforce Study: The 2012 Survey Results. Sudbury, Ontario: Centre for Rural and Northern Health Research, Laurentian University. (Report submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Nurse Practitioners' Association of Ontario).

Mian, O. and R.W. Pong (2012). "Does better access to FPs decrease the likelihood of emergency department use? Results from the Primary Care Access Survey." Canadian Family Physician 58(11): e658-e666.

Hogenbirk, J.C., O. Mian, and R.W. Pong (2011). "Postgraduate specialty training in northeastern Ontario and subsequent practice location." Rural and Remote Health 11 (Online): 1603.

Koren, I., O. Mian, and E. Rukholm (2010). "Integration of nurse practitioners into Ontario's primary health care system: Variations across practice settings." Canadian Journal of Nursing Research 42(2): 48-69.