Rural / Northern Health Research

Local Economic Impact of Health Care Institutions in the Sudbury Region
M.C. McCracken, R.W. Pong, J.C. Hogenbirk, and M. Lasota

This study was jointly conducted by CRaNHR and Informetrica Limited, an Ottawa-based economic consulting firm, with the participation of several health-care institutions and the physician community in Sudbury.

A health care institution like a hospital or a nursing home provides a service to a community and thereby contributes to the health and well-being of the residents. But does it do more than that? From an economic perspective, a health care institution is no different than any other business or organization in a community: it hires people and pays them wages, its buys goods and services, it pays local taxes and receives income from its "customers." In other words, besides making health services available, a health care institution has an economic impact on the community in which it is located. This study was conducted with a view to examining the economic impact on the Sudbury region of seven health care institutions (Sudbury Regional Hospital, Northeastern Ontario Regional Cancer Centre, Northeast Mental Health Centre, and four long-term care facilities) and physicians practising in Sudbury. The results of the study show that the seven health care institutions and the physicians had a major impact on the local economy of the Sudbury region.

(funded by FedNor and Sudbury Regional Hospital)

(Names in bold denote CRaNHR investigators and research staff)