Rural / Northern Health Research

Canada's Rural Communities:
Understanding Rural Health and Its Determinants
M. Desmeules, R.W. Pong, J.R. Pitblado, I. Koren, C. LagacÚ, R. Bollman, J. Guernsey, A. Kazanjian, D. Manuel, and D. Heng*

This research program was a collaborative endeavor involving CRaNHR, Public Health Agency of Canada, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences, Dalhousie University and University of British Columbia.

The research program has been completed and has several outcomes:

The first report based on this study was released in 2006:

DesMeules, M., R.W. Pong, C. Lagacé, D. Heng*, D. Manuel, J.R. Pitblado, R. Bollman, J. Guernsey, A. Kazanjian, and I. Koren (2006). How Healthy Are Rural Canadians? An Assessment of Their Health Status and Health Determinants. Ottawa, Ontario: Canadian Institute for Health Information.

An editorial in response to this report appeared in The Globe and Mail on September 25, 2006:

"Rural-urban health gap must be bridged"

A second report on access to and use of health services by rural Canadians will be released soon

A number of publications and conference presentations, including:

DesMeules, M., W. Luo, F. Wang, and R.W. Pong (2007). "Rural places: Variations in health." Health Policy Research Bulletin 14: 19-22.

Lagacé, C., M. Desmeules, R.W. Pong, and D. Heng* (2007). "Non-communicable disease and injury-related mortality in rural and urban places of residence: A comparison between Canada and Australia." Canadian Journal of Public Health 98(Supplement 1): S62-S69.

Heng, D.*, R.W. Pong, J.R. Pitblado, C. Lagacé, and M. Desmeules (2005). "Sources of data for rural health research: Development of an inventory of Canadian databases." Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health 11(2): 219-227.

Pong, R.W., M. DesMeules, D. Heng*, C. Lagacé, R. Pitblado, D. Manuel, J. Guernsey, A. Kazanjian, R. Bollman, and I. Koren. "Urban-Rural and Intra-rural Variations in Access to and Use of Health Services in Canada." Paper presented at the Statistics Canada Socio-economic Conference 2007. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; May 28-29, 2007.

Heng, D.*, I. Koren, R. Pitblado, and C. Lagacé. "Census Subdivision Taxonomies: Rural-Urban Continua Continued." Poster presented at the 2005 Joint Meeting of the Society for Epidemiologic Research and the Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Toronto, Ontario, Canada; June 27-30, 2005.

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(funded by the Canadian Population Health Initiative - Canadian Institute for Health Information)

(Names in bold denote CRaNHR investigators and research staff. Names with an * denote former CRaNHR investigators and research staff.)